No-one should die of Histiocytosis

Our research programmes provide a beacon of hope for the many children and adults battling Histiocytosis, to ensure this research continues we ask you to pledge your support.

Histio UK Virtual Gift Donations

Help support children & adults, parents, patients & siblings

We treat all Virtual Gifts as donations to Histiocytosis UK and we will spend the money wherever the need is greatest in our endeavours to achieve, early diagnosis, treatment and a cure for No-one should die of Histiocytosis.

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We hope that by receiving a virtual gift donation your friend, colleague, neighbour or loved one’s day will be made even more special. No matter what they are celebrating or just for being awesome, achievement or anything in between – or maybe you just wanted them to know you are thinking of them – there is no doubt this gift will make a BIG difference.

What each donation pays for.
£5 helps support our Volunteer Network
£10 helps support our Parent Patient Forum Network
£20 helps support a single automated DNA isolation in a research project.
£30 helps towards a single DNA sequencing cost in a research project.
£50 helps support the cost per patient for research and test result registration.
£100 helps towards the cost of single patient sampling in a research project.
£150 helps towards funding a retrospective analysis on long term outcomes for a single patient with HLH who receives a Bone Marrow Transplant for a research project.
£1000 Virtual Gift – helps support technical expertise required for lab research


Your support is vital to ensure that we can continue to deliver our Research and Information Programmes. Thank you.