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Dear Recipient,

A Donation eCard or vGift has been made in your name to Histio UK by  Stuart Kang, see their message below.

Good day, bow to you!

This is a cry for help through tears, we are refugees from Ukraine,
My daughter’s leg was torn off by a shell and she needs surgery,
We cry and pray every day, there is nothing to buy us food,
My mom is crippled by brain cancer, she needs an operation,
Help what you can, we will pray for those who help us.
We need money to survive, not to live.
BTC (bc1q2w2cnk706s4cn8504x9lpv7fendxdywtdter4m)
Who will help us if not you! Help us!

Stuart Kang


No-one should die of Histiocytosis.

Our research programmes provide a beacon of hope for the many children and adults battling Histiocytosis.

To ensure this research continues we ask you to pledge your support.

Donate to eCards/vGifts – Thank you – HistioUK.
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