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Dear Recipient,

A Donation eCard or vGift has been made in your name to Histio UK by  Tessa and Steve Bucknell, see their message below.

Dear Steve and Julie

Happy Christmas and welcome to retirement Julie!

We are sending you this ‘HLH’ e-card to help raise funds to combat HLH which caused Alex to be seriously ill for 6 weeks over Christmas last year.

Our new address is:

Flat 5, Lincombe Lodge,
Fox Lane,
Boars Hill,
Oxford OX1 5DN.

Hope to see you for a visit soon.

With our best wishes for 2023 – Steve and Tessa xx

Tessa and Steve Bucknell


No-one should die of Histiocytosis.

Our research programmes provide a beacon of hope for the many children and adults battling Histiocytosis.

To ensure this research continues we ask you to pledge your support.

Donate to eCards/vGifts – Thank you – HistioUK.
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